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Everyone did a wonderful job!

Hello Scouting friends,

We reported about 22,000 pounds
for Sailfish District.


Most of you know we had some challenge's with this years Scouting For Food. Not only did we have some problems with the bags and the timing on getting them, we also were very concerned about how much need the charity would have and how much the people would donate.

Well, let me tell you I have never been so pleased. Not only did the Scouts, Leaders and parents step up and did their best; we accomplished more then ever. The community of Martin County was wonderful.

At the time we closed the warehouse at the Fairgrounds we had about 20,000 pounds. By the time I got home Pack 823 had called with another 700 pounds. We always get more food after the pick up day.

If anyone has scout pictures from Scouting for Food or Spookaree or any scout activities please email them or send me a CD. I am really trying to have pictures for the news media. And I am still looking for someone to write stories for the newspapers. (And when you look at the very few "Scouting for Food" pics I have now I need then fast.)

Thank you again all of you are the BEST scouts in the world,

Mike Baldwin

Scouting for Food Chairman

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