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About Mike's Computer Marketing

I am the owner and maintainer of Mike’s Computer Marketing. This was a business that I started more than 12 years ago. It kind of started by accident, and if you care about that story, ask me some day. What I tried to do from the beginning was just to help businesses to mail ONLY where they wanted to mail. My first idea was NO MINIMUMS and NO CONTRACTS. I have always believed that if someone trusts you and knows you are doing the best thing to help them, then you need no contract. I still feel the same way today. I try do to the best to service to the welfare of businesses. I believe this is a great way to help the community. Remember my first wishes is to help.

Most of my customers are companies that care about how we take care to mail selectively. We can do jobs of any size. I have equipment to handle up to 50,000 pieces of mail at a time. If that's not enough, I have a friend that really likes me to bring him those really big jobs and will give me a great deal, so that I can help my customers. As you look at the web site you will find list of services, some ads I have worked on, and maybe some advertising ideas for your business. Presently, the mailing business I do at my home in Jupiter. The printing I do with my partner. We have shop in Rivera Beach called “TIGER PRESS”. There we do one and two color printing. I also have a great printer and desktop publisher that will help us with any four color printing jobs.

After the storms, it is the perfect time to get back the lost business. We have had a really hard September. I will help you with a marketing plan. The season is going be to here very soon. Let’s show the world that Florida businesses will bounce right back!

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Mike Baldwin

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